Walking through the Lions gate to St. Anne’s Basilica and Bethzatha Pool


Lion Gate


We walked through the Lion Gate and reached St. Anne’s Basilica and Bethzatha Pool, which stands in a courtyard with trees and ancient ruins. It contrasts with the alleys of the Muslim Quarter. Mr. Hani informed us that Anne and Joachim the parents of Mary lived here and that Mary was born here. In 1187 the Muslim Saladin, or Salah ad-Din conquered Jerusalem and  converted it intoIslamic school, known as al-Madrasa as-Salahiyya.  There is a  Pools of Bethesda, where Christ healed a sick man. Today the entire site is managed by Missionaries of Africa.

St Anne’s Basilica


9a1a seetheholyland.net
Arabic inscription
Interiors of the Church
10c St. Anne
Sculpture of St. Anna and the young Mary.
Ruins of the Bethesda Pool










  1. Great info and pictures… those heavy walls must have lot of stories to tell.. Watch the movie.. Kingdom of heaven … about the taking over of Jerusalem by Salhaudin..

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