The Green Bee Eater

The green bee-eater (merops orientalis).. as the name suggests is a bee eater found in across in India. Green in colour with tinged blue especially on the chin and throat, the crown is tinged with golden rufous with black beak and fine black line that runs in front and behind the eye..Ā 

Indian paradise flycatcher

Captured this one a couple of days back. Commonly known asĀ  TheĀ Indian Paradise FlycatcherĀ is a medium-sizedĀ passerineĀ birdĀ native to Asia.

Bird Description:
As seen in the pictures below their heads are glossy black with a black crown and crest, their black bill round and sturdy, their eyes black. Female are Rufus on the back with a grayish throat and underparts.Ā  They have a long tail feathers with two central tail feathersĀ  Continue reading “Indian paradise flycatcher”