Travel Packing Tips


If it is your first trip or not, it is always helpful to know what you want to pack. while everyone desires to follow thumb rules of travel, “take as little as possible”, some are successful; others can’t help but bring everything. Over the years, the way I pack my bag has changed. Here is an insight on my travel packing tips. Continue reading “Travel Packing Tips”

Tips on “Planning a trip on a Budget”

Travelling and holidays contribute immensely to the mental and physical well being of a person. And probably to some people seeing new places is just a desire. But what holds back is “money”, and the key to any trip is smart use of money. For there is nothing worse than going to a destination of a dreams, and not having enough money to experience the beauty of the visit. Continue reading “Tips on “Planning a trip on a Budget””

Reasons to travel Solo

“To travel is to take a journey into yourself”- Danny Kaye.

It is a general conception that to enjoy a trip, journey or holidays we need to travel in a group. It is my belief that to understand the true meaning and sense of the above quoted statement, one should travel all alone. Travelling alone can unearth unique experiences that are otherwise unattainable when navigating the wants and needs of a group. Continue reading “Reasons to travel Solo”