The journey from Israel to Mount Sinai (Egypt)


Our day began as usual with a sumptuous breakfast and we were all set to say a bye to Israel. Mr  Paul (proprietor Zion Tours & Travel) informed us that it would be an 8 hour drive to Mount Sinai and Mr  Hani would accompany us till Taba Border and we would have a new coach and new guide waiting for us on the other side of the border.  Continue reading

Walking the Via Dolorosa (Stations of the cross) in Jerusalem’s old city. 


As told we all gathered outside the Basilica of St. Anne, Mr. Hani gave briefed us on Via Dolorosa which is within the Old City of Jerusalem, the path that Jesus walked while carrying His cross. It begins near the Lions’ Gate in the Muslim Quarter and ends at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in the Christian Quarter with 14 Stations of the Cross which are marked in Roman numerals. Continue reading

Walking through the Lions gate to St. Anne’s Basilica and Bethzatha Pool




Lion Gate


We walked through the Lion Gate and reached St. Anne’s Basilica and Bethzatha Pool, which stands in a courtyard with trees and ancient ruins. It contrasts with the alleys of the Muslim Quarter. Mr. Hani informed us that Anne and Joachim the parents of Mary lived here and that Mary was born here. In 1187 the Muslim Saladin, or Salah ad-Din conquered Jerusalem and  converted it intoIslamic school, known as al-Madrasa as-Salahiyya.  There is a  Pools of Bethesda, where Christ healed a sick man. Today the entire site is managed by Missionaries of Africa. Continue reading

Mount Zion with the Zion Family


As we walked to Mount Zion admiring the surrounding and passing through the Zion Gate to the Dormation Abbey, we walked through the courtyard and Mr Hani briefed us on the place stating, Mount Zion marks the place where Mary the mother of Jesus reached the end of her earthly life. Continue reading

Walking through trail of Jesus on Mount Olives


As usual our day began with breakfast at the hotel and with a bight smile  we all were set for our visit to Jerusalem.  We visited The Mount of Olives which is a  mountain ridge east of Jerusalem’s old city. We were  briefed that the mount was named for the olives groves that once covered it. Continue reading